Timi Omoyeni







Front-End Developer based in Nigeria



  • Reactjs
  • Nuxtjs
  • Vuejs
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

About me:

I love creating things on the web.

I'm a Front end developer that enjoys building things on the web.

I majorly build web applications using JavaScript, and Vue, it is by far my favourite framework for building web applications. I have a good understanding of HTML and CSS, I like to think I'm very good at converting UI mockups to code using them. I can also build Server-side rendered applications using Nuxtjs, a Vuejs framework for SSR. I also have a good understanding of using React.js to build SPAs.

I sometimes blog about real life situations I find myself. I also write technical articles on technologies I use like Vuejs, Nuxtjs and some technical concepts on the front end. You can find some of these articles on Smashing Magazine, LogRocket Blog, and Vue Mastery.

I've also worked as a technical reviewer for the book, Hands on Nuxtjs web development. It covers the Nuxt.js framework in-depth and is also beginner friendly as it compares how some things are done in Vue as compared to Nuxt .

I suck at design, so I don't try to..believe me, I've tried.

These days, I work with the awesome people @ GetEquity, where I lead the frontend team.



Introduction to Front end Development - Code camp 2018

I was invited to teach the basics of front end development in a code camp in school. I taught a class of 20 newbies the basics of front end development. The class lasted for five days and I got the chance to re-learn old things and new things from my students.

Front End Development(HTML, CSS & javaScript) - Grazac

Grazac was established with the aim of revolutionizing Nigeria and the whole world by solving problems of humanity with technology and also empower youths to be able to stand in the nearest future by creating a platform to get them involved in IT


Let's discuss your Project

If you want to work with me on your project, feel free to send a mail, I'd be sure to reply.